What a $10,000 Engagement Ring Looks Like + How I Spent My 10K Budget

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A $10,000 engagement ring can look like whatever you want it to. And that’s only a slight exaggeration!

We don’t have time to go through all the looks, the possibilities are endless, so I’ll start by showing you my very own $10,000 engagement ring.

Then we’ll take a look at other ways to spend a $10,000 engagement ring budget.

What does a $10,000 engagement ring look like?

I'm wearing my edwardian inspired hand forged diamond halo ring to demonstrate to answer the question, "What does a $10,000 engagement ring look like?"
My engagement ring is just one example of the kind of ring you can get on a 10K budget.

My $10,000 Engagement Ring

$10,000 is a lot of money in general (for most of us at least). Especially to spend on something like an engagement ring. My engagement ring was quite a splurge. I’m not sharing this to make anyone feel bad about spending less or to invite judgement for spending too much.

I’m here to help people to see a real life example of what a $10,000 engagement ring can look like. I know how lucky and privileged I am to have such a treasure.

How I spent my 10K Engagement Ring Budget

I saw the Tiffany Legacy ring when I was 18 and fell in love at first sight. A decade later when shopping for my engagement ring, I realized I didn’t love the proprietary legacy cut from Tiffany & Co, and wasn’t interested in paying more for the prestige of that little blue box.

Which is what led me online to pricescope, where I was introduced to the amazing work of Victor Canera. This was in 2018 and at the time it really seemed like all of his rings were way over my budget, and had huge (to me anyway!) center stones.

But I contacted him anyway because he had a halo that was similar to the Tiffany legacy but better in evert way.

Instead of being mass produced it was custom and hand forged, old-world style. The details, like the milgrain and claw prongs, were so much daintier.

I let them know my budget and the name of the setting I was interested in. In response I received a quote for the setting and a few diamonds to consider for the center stone.

A pie chart of how I spent my 10K engagement ring budget.
How I spent my 10K engagement ring budget: 37% of the budget went towards the setting and the remaining 67% was spent on the diamond center stone.

The diamonds were just as amazing as the setting. All were incredible, top of the line in cut quality.

A lot of people seem to put the bulk of their budget into getting as big of a diamond as possible. I chose to go for a smaller carat and higher cut, color, and clarity.

My husband was a little skeptical about buying something so expensive online and wasn’t convinced that my choice of diamond and setting were really worth the money.

But being the supportive person he is, he told me to get what I loved anyway.

With my $10,000 engagement ring budget I was able to get a mined diamond with these 4 c’s:

  • AGS 000 Super Ideal Hearts & Arrows Round Cut
  • .8 Carats
  • E Color
  • VS1 Clarity

and a setting with these qualities:

  • hand forged platinum
  • cushion shaped halo
  • Milgrain pavé
  • claw prongs
A diamond with it's precision heart and arrows cut in a cushion shaped milgrain halo from Victor Canera showing how I spent my 10K engagement ring budget.
What does a $10,000 engagement ring look like? This ^^
That’s what my $10,000 engagement ring looks like anyway ♡

Is a 10K budget enough for an engagement ring?

If you are even asking this question, I’m going to assume you are either young and naive or rich. Probably both.

But, yes, a $10,000 engagement ring budget is more than enough. Some people would say it’s too much no matter how rich you are. The average spent on an engagement ring is only about $5,000 anyway.

We were living in silicon valley at the time I received my ring. While plenty of people around me had much larger and more expensive rings, I never felt like mine wasn’t good enough.

With all that being said a 10K budget is still going to mean prioritizing your wish list.

If you really want a 1 carat solitaire from Tiffany & Co, $10,000 won’t be enough. If you choose a $7,000 Tacori setting you may have to choose a smaller/lower color/clarity diamond (or sapphire, or moissanite!)

You may not be able to get everything witha 10K engagement ring budget but if you avoid mall jewelry stores (including Tiffany’s!), know your priorities, and keep your expectations realistic, you can easily get an heirloom quality ring for that price.

Is a $10,000 engagement ring worth it?

My $10,000 engagement ring was worth it. I got my dream ring that I have no interest in upgrading. It’s small enough to wear everyday, but big enough that I haven’t experienced diamond “shrinkage”. And I truly think I have a world class, wearable work of art, for an engagement ring.

I don’t know you (yet) so I can’t say for sure if it will be worth it to you.

But I can say with certainty that a $10,000 engagement ring is not worth going into debt for. If you have to take out a loan or finance the ring, either wait and keep saving or set a lower budget.

Trust yourself to make a good decision. If you have the money to spend and you feel good about it then a $10,000 engagement ring is certainly worth it.

Is $10,000 too much to spend on an engagement ring?

If you are asking me, my answer is…
nope. $10,000 is not too much to spend on an engagement ring.

On the other hand, there are people who would never spend that much on a piece of jewelry no matter how rich they are.

If you are trying to decide if spending $10,000 on an engagement ring is too much, ask yourself

• Do I have the cash?
Absolutely do not go into debt for a ring at any budget. Don’t think about putting it on a credit card or taking out a loan.

• How will this effect my savings?
Do not put all of your savings into an engagement ring. Do not dip into your future home’s down payment.

• What will I be giving up?
Think about the other ways you could spend (or save) that money. Gauge your feelings honestly. Maybe you would rather spend 10K on an experience, like your honeymoon.

* If you are gifting the engagement ring to someone, include them in the discussion. Whoever wears the ring needs to feel comfortable with it too!

Stunning Engagement Ring Looks You Can Get On A $10,000 Budget

Don’t get me wrong, 10K for an engagement ring is an amazing budget to work with, but you have to keep your expectations in check. You can achieve any look with $10,000 as long as you have an open mined. You may not be able to fit a 5 ct diamond into that budget, but a 4 ct Amora Gem most definitely will.

Earlier I shared the breakdown of how I split my $10,000 engagement ring budget between the setting and center stone.

As you watch this video to get an idea of what your own $10,000 engagement ring can look like, start thinking about what features are the most important to you and what area you are willing to compromise on. Consider how you want to allocate your own budget.

Center Stones


On a $10,000 engagement ring budget there is no reason for to skimp out on cut quality. Stick with GIA Excellent and AGS Ideal grades for mined diamonds.

• Whiteflash

• Brian Gavin

• Victor Canera

• Crafted By Infinity


(You can get a larger carat size for the price by choosing lab made!)

• Ada Diamonds


Pink, blue, purple, green, yellow…

diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow, but they are expensive and small. See for yourself at

• Leibish

With a $10,000 engagement ring budget consider a pink or blue lab diamond from

• Lightbox


Salt and Pepper and rose cut diamonds leave plenty of room in a $10,000 engagement ring budget for a fabulous setting.


I almost chose a precision cut montana sapphire from Gemfix for my own $10,000 engagement ring. They have your mote traditional blue sapphires, as well as more unique colors, like peach and pink!

I recently found ShinyPreciousGems on Reddit and have been super impressed by their work as well.


Sometimes size matters.

If you want to maximize the carat for $10,000 then moissanite is for you. A diamond-like look, at a fraction of the price.

• Distinctive Moissanite

• Amora Gem

• Forever One


• Vatche

• Tacori

• Victor Canera

• Mark Morrell

• David Klass

• Your local independent jeweler 

Vintage & Designer

• Erstwhile

• Cartier

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