Ring Too Big Hack {How To Make A Ring Smaller With A Rubber Band}

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How To Make A Ring Smaller And Tighter At Home

Ring sizing is a tricky business. It can be almost impossible to get a perfect fit. Your ring that fit great during the summer, may be too loose now that it’s winter.

Which is why you might find yourself desperately in need of a quick temporary fix to make your ring smaller. No one wants to worry all day about losing a too big ring!

That’s where this how to guide comes in. I will walk you through step by step on how to stop a loose ring from falling off (with only a rubber band!)

Today’s loose ring hack is the easiest at home way to temporarily fix a ring that is too big.

Loose Ring Hack {DIY Version}

Showing my hand from a side profile so you can see what the palm side of this loose ring hack looks like.
Stop a loose ring from falling off with this quick, cheap, and easy, at-home ring size hack!

I am using a regular yellow rubber band but if you happen to have a clear one like this, it will be a more subtle look.

As the example, I will show you how I use a rubber band to tighten my engagement ring enough that it fits securely on my pinky finger.


rubber band + ring


2 Minutes (or less!)

A ring that is too big and loose and the rubber band that will fix it!
A loose ring and a rubber band. Literally all you need for this ring tightening hack!

How To Tighten A Loose Ring With A Rubber Band

A rubber band is threaded through the ring that is too big.


Thread the rubber band through the center of the ring halfway. Leaving a top and bottom loop.

The loop is being tightened around the shank in this temporary ring size hack.


Reach through the top loop towards the bottom loop. Grab the bottom loop and pull it back through the top loop to tighten the rubber band around the shank of the ring.

The rubber band is wrapped around and around the ring to make it fit for tightly.


Carefully wrap the rubber band around the bottom part of the ring like a coil. Leave a small “tail” and work carefully so it doesn’t unravel on you!

How to stop a loose ring from falling of at home with a rubber band.


Stretch the “tail” all the way back to where you started wrapping the rubbwr band from. This will keep everything from coming undone.

What the final result of hlw to stop a loose ring from fallimg off looks like on rhe palm side.


Now, give your hand a good shake to check the fit and make sure our ring too big hack was a success.

Why use a rubber band to tighten a loose ring?

The reason I recommend using a rubber band to temporarily stop a loose ring from falling off is simply convenience. It’s so quick and easy to put on and take off.

Other at home methods, like hot glue, require more materials, prep, and clean up.

Showing my hand from a side profile so you can see what the palm side of this loose ring hack looks like.
My engagement ring is now small enough to be a very fancy pinky ring! If you look closely you can see the rubber band just barely peeking out.

What are the downsides to the rubber band ring too big hack?

  • .SECURITY sometimes rubber bands break. It may be your best choice or only option in a pinch but it’s best reserved for emergencies!
  • ELEGANCE a rubber band is not the most subtle way to adjust the size of a ring smaller at home. There are ways to get a much more polished look!

Loose Ring Hacks {Fancy Pants Version}

What is a ring adjuster?

A RING ADJUSTER is a small clear device that is easy to put on and take off, reusable over and over again, and an elegant solution when you need a non-permanent way to make a ring smaller.

a ring adjuster is the professional and more discreet version of my rubber band ring too big hack.

It is an easy and subtle way to tighten the fit of a loose ring! Unfortunately, it’s not as cheap as a rubber band. Luckily, you can still get it from amazon at a very affordable price.

  • A coil type ring adjuster is basically a more polished version of the rubber band trick.
  • If the idea of wrapping something around your ring is too cumbersome there is a quick and easy snap on type instead!

What does a guard ring do?

A guard ring is an extra ring you put an after a ring that is too loose. It’s an easy hack to prevent a ring that is too big from falling off!

This can work in 2 ways:

  1. stacking multiple rings together, even if they are all the same size, will fit a lot tighter than if you wore them individually.
  2. After putting on your ring that is too big, stack a smaller sized ring on top. This will act as the guard ring and keep the loose ring securely on your finger.

You may even have rings already in your jewelry box that you can use as a guard ring!

But if you’re looking for something new, here are my recommendations –

  • A moissanite eternity band can make quite a statement and keep your more precious and sentimental ring safely on your finger.
  • A subtle almost invisible look can be achieved with a super thin 1 mm band that is the same metal color as your loose ring!
  • And if you really want to get fancy, my favorite option is a Van Cleef & Arpels Perlée ring. It’s a great balance, simple but not plain. (for the more budget conscious thank goodness there are more budget friendly options out there too!)

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