3 Ring Muffin Top Battle Strategies & When You Need To Surrender 🏳

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I don’t know about you guys but until I started wearing an engagement ring, I had no idea ring muffin top was even a thing. I naively thought the only muffin top I’d ever worry about was the one on my hips.

But, nope. Some of us are just oh so blessed to have a cute little muffin top on our finger as well.

Holding my hand up to the sun to see the rainbow light reflect off my engagement ring but also unintentionally showing off my ring muffin top.
So, yeah, that’s my engagement ring muffin top in all it’s glory

Luckily, I have some good news.

  1. You are not alone. I’m writing this because it turns out this is a surprisingly common problem. Have you seen just how many images of ring muffin tops there are on google?!
  2. Once we figure out why your ring muffin top is happening, we can look at a solution tailored to your specific issue.
  3. And finally, there’s nothing wrong with having a ring muffin top. Our bodies come in different shapes and sizes, including our fingers. Some finger shapes are naturally a bit muffin toppy!

As for me and my ring muffin top, I’ve embraced it. My ring fits comfortably and securely, I can take it on and off easily, and I only notice it in pictures. I hope you feel inspired to rock your ring muffin top with confidence too!

What is ring muffin top?

A ring muffin top is when the fleshy part of your finger between the base and knuckle balloons out over the top of your ring.

It kind of looks like your ring is wearing a little mushroom hat.

I know it sounds ridiculous but it can be an embarrassing and serious problem for some of us!

Especially when you are newly engaged.

The last thing you want to feel is self conscious about your muffin top every time someone asks to see the ring.

Does a ring muffin top mean your ring is too small and tight?

When you have a ring muffin top some people, including jewelers, automatically assume that you are wearing an incorrectly sized ring.

But, there’s a whole lot more nuance to it than that. A ring muffin top on it’s own does not mean that your ring is too small.

So, how can you really tell if your ring is too small?

If your ring is too tight and small, in addition to a muffin top, you may:

  • have difficulty removing your ring
  • worry about your ring getting stuck
  • see indentations on your skin from the ring
  • notice your finger changing color because the circulation is being cut off
  • find your ring uncomfortable to wear

What causes ring muffin top?

A ring muffin top that is not the result of wearing the wrong ring size, is caused by swelling, a tapered finger shape, or weight gain.


You’ve probably noticed that rings don’t always feel and fit the same way all the time. Throughout the day, you may notice that your hands and fingers swell up making your ring fit tighter. Other times, like after washing your hands with cold water your ring might feel to loose.

Things like exercise, salty food, or heat and humidity can all contribute to giving you a ring muffin top from swelling.
This kind of fluctuation is annoying but completely normal.

Other times swelling can be caused by an injury, medication, or condition, like pregnancy.

Maybe you don’t always have a ring muffin top, and perhaps some days it’s worse than others. If that describes you, congratulations, you can blame your ring muffin top on swelling and celebrate that you’ll only have a muffin top some of the time!

(If you are pregnant and have a ring muffin top, just as a heads up, the swelling might get worse after birth. But I promise it does eventually get better!)


Tapered fingers are wider at the base then become smaller towards the tip. If your finger is tapered the spot where your ring sits is larger than the knuckle in the middle of your finger.

I have tapered fingers and sometimes even without wearing a ring my fingers look like they have a muffin top. It’s just their natural shape.

Putting my engagement ring on just makes it more obvious.
Unfortunately for people with tapered fingers like me, a ring that fits comfortably and securely often leaves us with a ring muffin top.

Our knuckles are pretty much useless at keeping our rings in place. So basically, that becomes the job of the muffin top. If I size my rings up enough that I don’t have a ring muffin top it could accidentally fall off.

Despite how the muffin top makes my finger look, I can remove my ring comfortably, easily, and quickly, without resistance. But it still feels safe and secure while I’m wearing it.


Surprisingly, I have found that my weight has very little impact on the size of my ring muffin top.

Some of my pictures from when I weighed 120 lbs show a a very prominent ring muffin top. While current pictures at 170 lbs make the muffin top look smaller.

But that doesn’t mean everyone will have the same experience! Changes in weight will definitely have an effect for some people.

A finger with a tapered shape has a pudgy ring muffin top.
120 lbs and 5’6″ with a super obvious muffin top from my correctly sized ring

How To {hopefully} Stop Ring Muffin Top


As with most things in life prevention is the best cure. If you want to get rid of a ring muffin top completely you need a looser fitting ring.

Sometimes a ring that is too small and tight can cause your finger to have a muffin top.

In this case sizing up your ring may be the only thing you need to do.

Congratulations! Your problem is solved! (Feel free to keep reading though^^)

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple for everyone.

If you are similar to me, your ring muffin top may be caused by

  • having a tapered finger shape
  • fingers that seem to change size throughout the day/week/month/season.

In which case, sizing up is only the first step in tackling your ring muffin top problem.

Before you try any of the options below, it’s critical that you start with a loose fitting ring.

3 Ways To Beat Ring Muffin Top


When I was shopping for my engagement ring and trying on a bunch of different styles, I noticed that wider bands did a better job of disguising my tapered finger shape and ring muffin top.

On my tapered fingers wide bands stop at a narrower place on my finger so there is less pudge to form a ring muffin top.

I am showing what a wide band ring looks like on a tapered finger shape and demonstrating how it hides my ring muffin top.
I borrowed a toy from my kid to demonstrate the muffin top defeating power of a wide band!

Before splashing out the cash for a new ring with a wider band, try the look out with a cheaper version first.

Enso rings are a budget friendly and practical way to try out a wide band.

They are fantastic for travel, sports, or other activities where you don’t want your metal rings to get damaged (or dirty!).

The sillicone material also means that they will stay on your finger securely without needing to fit tightly. There’s more grippy friction between your skin and the sillicone to keep it secure.

  • At 4.3 mm wide the Enso Rose Gold Infused Band is still dainty but might be just enough coverage for a small muffin top.
  • The Enso Band in Ocean Mist is on my own wish list. It will definitely hide any trace of ring muffin top 6.6 mm in width!


I am showing what stacking rings look like on a tapered finger shape and demonstrating how it hides my ring muffin top.
My engagement ring is actually the only ring I own so I improvised a faux washi tape stacking ring lol

stacker bands you’ll love from Amazon

Instead of a single wide band you can stack multiple thin rings and achieve a similar effect.

And thin is in these days. For rings anyway.

A wide ring isn’t everyones cup of tea, especially if you love the look of skinny bands.

For people that love the look of thin rings but with the muffin top busting properties of a wide band then this is the tip for you.

The major benefit of stacking is that you can add or remove rings to accommodate little changes in ring size due to swelling.

If your main ring is feeling a little loose pop on a stacker or 2.

Feeling tight? Leave the stackers off for the day.


The biggest downside to getting rid of your muffin top completely is that your ring may not be secure enough on your finger anymore. We definitely don’t want your loose ring to fall off. (That’s way worse than a ring muffin top anyway!)

And if stacks and wide bands aren’t your thing it’s ok.

Ring adjusters are here to save the day.

They are made from clear flexible TPU. They fit around the shank of your ring on the palm side of your hand and come in two main styles:

These are a cheap easy way to stop ring muffin top without changing the look of your ring.

As with all of the strategies, this will only work if your ring is sized a bit loosely. The TPU is a grippy material, like the silicone rings from Enso, so also help keeps a looser ring secure even without a muffin top.

{🏳} Accepting Ring Muffin Top

The reality is there is no perfect solution for every ring muffin top.

A tapered finger shape and normal changes in finger size throughout the day make it almost impossible for some people to avoid a ring muffin top all the time.

We have to pick our battles and this one may not be worth fighting.

A collage showing my ring muffin top on days when it is less obvious.
I still love taking pictures of my engagement ring on hand, muffin top and all.

My advice? Accept it, don’t sweat it.

A little bit of ring muffin top is worth keeping your ring safely on your finger. Sure, in an ideal world we wouldn’t choose to have one.

But since we (most of us anyway) live in the real world, we’ve got to get over it. or at least try to.

If you ended up here today because you feel insecure or embarrassed about having a ring muffin top. I get it and I’m sorry.

Your feelings are valid. Find comfort in knowing that your ring isn’t the wrong size, there’s nothing wrong with your fingers, and you are not alone. There are thousands of us.

I don’t usually even notice or care about my muffin top in daily life. It’s not something I spend time or energy thinking about until I decided to start a jewelry blog and needed pictures. LOL

A .8 carat diamond halo engagement ring on hand, showing a real life perspective.
Even with a ring muffin top, I love the way my engagement ring looks on my hand ♡

I realized that there a probably other people out there experiencing the same thing. It’s always nice to know you aren’t alone.

It’s time we redirect our attention back to our sparklies and stop nit-picking our finger shape.

I promise no one else notices or cares about your ring muffin top (and if they do, well, they’re probably not a cool person).

Tapered Finger = Muffin Top

update time

As I was putting together my guide on how to stop a loose ring from falling off I realized something…

Even though my engagement ring is way too big for my pinky, It still has a ring muffin top!

It really drives home the idea that for those of us with a tapered finger shape a ring muffin top is practically inevitable (especially with a thin band!)

My engagement ring is way too big for my pinky but it still has a hint of a ring muffin top.
A little baby ring muffin top!

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