The Vlando Jewelry Box With Lock & Key Review

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Vlando Jewelry Box

A mint green jewelry box with a classic and chic lock and key.

Elevate your jewelry storage today!

Is the Vlando Jewelry Box πŸ— The Best Choice For You?

  • You love your jewelry but love having an aesthetic and organized home even more. The Vlando jewelry is more than just storage, it’s home dΓ©cor!
  • You don’t actually want to spend $100+ on a jewelry box. {Even if theoretically you could if you really wanted to} Why spend so much when the Vlando is already beautiful, high quality, and cheap?
  • You have a minimal{esque} jewelry collection. The Vlando is a small cute jewelry box so if you have a small cute jewelry collection it’s nearly perfect!
  • You are incorporating a jewelry box as part of the storage and organization of a larger jewelry collection. You can pair a jewelry box with something like a jewelry stand to create beautiful and functional vignette on your dresser or wherever.
  • You want to give a jewelry box as a gift. If you keep reading my review, you’ll see why the Vlando jewelry box is darn giftable.
A rectangular mint green jewelry box s sitting in front of a marble wall looking aesthetic af.
The positive reviews, high star rating, and “Amazon’s Choice” designation, prove that thousands of others love their Vlando jewelry box just as much as I love mine.

But don’t take my word for it, see it for yourself on Amazon.

βœ… The Best Jewelry Box With Lock And Key From Vlando

As much as I love this jewelry box that doesn’t mean it’s the best jewelry box for every person and situation. In fact, I recommend you give the Vlando jewelry box a hard pass if:

  • Security Is Your Top Priority. The locking mechanism on the Vlando Jewelry box is fully functional {and gorgeous} but it’s not going to stop someone with bad intentions from stealing your treasures. For that you should be looking for something a bit more heavy duty.
  • You Have Super Specific Storage Needs. Are you looking for a jewelry box that fits a whole bunch of bulky polymer clay earrings? Want to hang up your necklaces? Or fit your entire large collection into a single jewelry box? Then skip this Vlando, it is not going to fit your needs.
  • A Sky Blue or Mint Green Jewelry Box Isn’t Your Cup Of Tea. The Vlando jewelry box with lock and key comes in disappointingly few colors. In the past they had a super cute pink and rose gold version, and a darker teal, but not anymore. And there have never been any neutral options like white or grey! If this is you, then definitely check out this jewelry box with lock and key from Amazon instead.
  • Even if you have a much larger collection it is nice to utilize different types of storage. You might display some pieces, and tuck others away in the box. You can also incorporate different textures, heights, and colors this way. The Vlando jewelry box can help turn your jewelry storage into pretty decor as well! If the Vlando really isn’t your taste or you’re feeling like splashing out on something a bit more fancy. Check out my other Top Picks For A Jewelry Box With Lock And Key.

My Vlando Jewelry Box Review


Mint Green Jewelry Box

A corner of my vanity is shown, the vignette features a dish with my engagement ring and the jewelry box key, a duck egg aqua filox, a white plastic box with flowers, and the vlando locking jewelry box.
Vlando has named this color “aqua green” but next to my duck egg filofax, it’s obviously mint green.

The very first thing you’ll notice about the Vlando jewelry box is the dreamy mint green, slightly aqua color. With daylight diffused through sheer curtains it looks brighter and more aqua blue. In lower but more direct lighting it’s a pure mint green jewelry box. The pebbling on the faux leather is subtle from a distance but more apparent when you get up close. It’s easy to wipe clean and has held up well for the past 3 years.

A closeup magnified image of the pebbled faux leather used on the Vlando jewelry box with lock and key.



The Vlando jewelry box looks totally chic but is also solidly built. It doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy. It’s well constructed and has held up well to my toddlers rough handling. They love testing the lock and key. Over and over and over again.

The attention to detail is impressive for this price point. The stitching and overall finish is on point. The lock is sturdy and the shape is very classic and pretty looking. The key itself is super cute and aesthetic. It doesn’t look or feel cheap.

Now the jewelry box is opened. You can see the metal hardware, the mirrored underside of the lid, and all of my precious little treasures I keep inside.


It seems like most jewelry boxes at this end of the price spectrum rely on a ribbon to keep the lid propped open. The Vlando jewelry box on the other hand has actual metal hinges!

On the under side of the lid there is a mirror, and embossed Vlando logo. It’s subtle and nicely done, and the only branding on the actual jewelry box.

On the Amazon listing, Vlando describes the interior material as a velvet. It’s a very neutral tan color. It does attract some lint but it’s easy to pick up with a small piece of scotch tape.

My biggest gripe with the jewelry box is that the inside doesn’t reach the same level of quality as the outside does. The interior doesn’t feel as polished. I notice this mostly with the cushions in the ring section. They move out of alignment a bit and don’t fill the space completely.

My right hand is opening the lid to the vlando jewelery box with lock and key, my left hand has just let go of the key in the lock.


The Vlando jewelry box with lock and key is a small cute jewelry box. Though not quite small enough to work well for travel. You can kind of get a sense of the scale from my hands being in the picture.

The Vlando Jewelry Box With Lock And Key
8.7 x 6.5 x 4.21 inches

Storage Capacity

The jewelry storage consists of a removable tray on the top, that lifts out with satin ribbons revealing more storage at the bottom.

This bottom level consists of a large divider, subdividing the space into 4 equal sections. I’ve given it a nice hard tug, and I don’t believe this is meant to be removable. It provides a base for the tray to rest on. There is just over an inch of clearance from the bottom of the jewelry box to the bottom of the tray.

With the Vlando jewelry box you receive 2 smaller crossed dividers. you can place these to make 4 or 8 smaller areas.

It also comes with 2 flexible and angled necklace/earring holder things.

The tray consists of 4 open squares in all corners. Between each corner on the sides, there is squares with little cushion rolls for rings. Each side can hold 2 rings, for a total of 4. As you can see in my pics, I like to use these spots to store my stud earrings as well.

In the center of the tray there is a covered portion. The flap has the same faux leather as the exterior.

All of the inner compartments of my locking jewelry box are on display. My children's collection of gold baby jewelry steals the show.

3 Ways Vlando Is A Better Value Than Tiffany’s {and everyone else’s} Locking Jewelry Box

Aesthetic Jewelry Packaging, in minty aqua with a white satin ribbon tied in a bow.

The Price

Tiffany’s Locking Jewelry Box is a jaw dropping $1,300. You are paying more than a thousand dollars just for the brand name.

The Vlando jewelry box is clearly the better value. Duh.

Tiffany’s Jewelry Box

A close up shot of the Vlando Jewelry Box's lock and key.

The Details

Among lower price jewelry boxes with a lock and key Vlando stands out due to it’s subtle branding, and beautiful detailing.

Compare the Vlando to this other jewelry box with tacky branding on the lock and ugly key.

The Vlando Competitor

The mint green Vlando Jewelry Box is open showing the jewelry storage and organization inside.

The Aesthetic

With most things in life you get what you pay for. When you cheap out on something you have to keep your expectations low. But sometimes, like with this jewelry box, you get pleasantly surprised.

My amateur phone pics don’t do it justice, this thing is so darn pretty.

Can You Give The Vlando Jewelry Box As A Gift?

100% yes, you can give the Vlando jewelry box as a gift. The packaging it comes in is amazing.

A bright turquoise box features a shiny Vlando logo and black carrying straps. The box is cardboard and after 3 years it’s a little crinkled in some areas. My kids have been playing with it for all this time and it hasn’t fallen apart yet.

I am holding the gift packaged Vlando jewelry box from 2 black ribbons.

To open the gift packaging you slide out a drawer using a little metal pull.

And inside of that drawer, there’s the jewelry box.

But not just the jewelry box.

I am sliding open the drawer of the gift packaging revealing the dust bag covered Vlando jewelry box.

The jewelry box is inside a really nice dust bag!? The unboxing experience feels so luxurious. It’s makes the Vlando jewelry box totally gift worthy.

The Best Alternatives To The Vlando Jewelry Box With Lock & Key

Best Amazon Jewelry Box with Lock And Key {That isn’t the Vlando}

This Jewelry box is made by Songmics and has a lot of the features and detailing that made me fall in love with the Vlando.

The shape, size, and neutral color options definitely set it apart though!

Luxe Jewelry Boxes From Pottery Barn

Pottery Mckenna Jewelry Box With Lock And Key

While I was shopping around I found the Mckenna Jewelry Box from Pottery Barn. It’s like the more expensive, probably higher quality cousin of the Vlando. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much.

While the Vlando has a super cute key already, the Pottery Barn Mckenna takes it up a notch with a pretty tassle. There is no visible branding but you have the option to get the top monogrammed for a fee.

And in my opinion the interior is better than the Vlando as well, it has the polish I was looking for.

While the medium sized Mckenna is the most similar to the Vlando, it’s the Jewelry Armoire that really stood out to me. I like the storage layout and that it comes with a travel jewelry case inside.

With all that being said I think the Vlando is still a better value.

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